QT-CY02 Aquatic plant sampler

Product description:

Aquatic plant sampler, also called aquatic plant clip, is a tool for sampling aquatic plants, including submerged plants, floating plants and emergent plants.

QT-CY02 Aquatic plant sampler


All components are made of stainless steel (SUS 304) and integrally welded by the argon arc welding technique. The sampler has good rigidity and rust-resistant property;

The sampler is easy to operate and it can save labor work.


Net weight:12kg;

Gross weight:16 kg;

Sampling depth:0.5~20m;

Sampling area:S=0.2m2


Closed dimension:  70 cm L × 45 cm W × 65 cm H;

Open dimension:  90 cm L × 45 cm W × 50 cm H;

Package dimension: 80 cm L × 55 cm W ×75 cm H;

Opening size: 50 cm L × 40 cm W.

Standard configuration:

Fishing net, frame, 5m nylon cable

Origin: CHINA