QT-LED1218 Plant Fill Light Lamp

Product description:QT-LED1218 plant fill light lamp can help the formation of anthocyanin and restrain the elongation of branches, it can also make the plant stems and leaves grow better and accelerate plant growth. By the regulation of stomatal opening, it can promote oxygen demand, which helps plant gain more nutrients, and further promote the growth of root and the growth of leaves in the early stage of germination. The plant fill light lamp can also promote the growth of plants as a whole, and particularly in flowering period and fruiting period, it can make plant bloom and bear fruit 20-30 days earlier than usual, and it can make vegetable yield increase by 20% ~ 30%. It can also increase the vividness of flowers, increase the storage period of flowers, vegetables and fruits by 5 ~ 10 days, and reduce plant diseases, insect pests and malformed fruit.

 QT-LED1218 Plant Fill Light Lamp      QT-LED1218 Plant Fill Light Lamp


  • Based on the traditional red and blue monochromatic LED plants fill light, pink color LED light is available;
  • The light is completely designed in accordance with the standards of fluorescent lamp, with good interchangeability and compatibility;
  • Light size, shape, power and input power supply can be customized according to users’ requirements;
  • Good quality, account for a large share in the market of LED plant fill light lamp;
  • Using silica gel patch LED chips, good material and advanced technology, the lamp has less light degradation and longer service life.;
  • The ratio of red to blue light can be adjusted easily without affecting the manufacturing process of lamps and structure change;
  • Power supply can be customized as built-in type, external type, no power type. External power supply can extend the lifespan of the LED lamps. However, no power supply type is the best, which is no longer a constraint of the LED light;
  • LED lamps for high temperature and humidity environment can reach IP65 waterproof grade, which guarantees waterproof, moisture proof, dust proof; Modular design makes maintenance easy and fast.

Technical Parameters:


18 w, AC/DC power supply, power can be customized

Photosynthetic Active Radiation Intensity

75umol.m-2.S-1, light area maximum intensity 3800lux (5 lamps as one group, 50 cm intervals between two groups), can be customized

Red / Blue / white light Wavelength

610~710nm / 445~465nm / 390~770nm

Luminous Flux Ratio

The ratio of red to blue and the ratio of red to blue to white can be customized according to users’ requirements. Standard ratio is 8:2 and 8:2:1, respectively

Light Degradation Period

No less than 90% after 25000 hours, service life is more than 50000 hours


Standard size 1.2 meters long, with T8 lamp, other size can be customized

Operating Temperature

-25~60℃, -50~80℃ (storage temperature)

Operating Relative Humidity

0 ~ 100% relative humidity, no condensed water, dust proof, moisture proof