QT-2012 Portable Leaf Area Meter


Using for rapid measurement of exsomatize and growing leaves that most commonly, acquire leaves’

data such as area,length, width etc. Apply to research and education of plants’ physiology and

ecological, as well as the cultivation and breeding of crops, forest, flowers, orchard and vegetables.

Applied in university laboratories and agriculture investigate department.

QT-2012 Portable Leaf Area Meter


1.      Configured with Bluetooth as wireless transport mode. In this method, user can transport data to

      corresponding instruments such as Smartphone (Android).

2.      Scanned data is stored in MicroSD card as JEPG image, which be transported wirelessly to

      computer, cellphone, smartphone and so on.

3.      Simple conformation, rapid and accurate measurements, easy to use and maintain.

4.     Built-in lithium battery and USB charging, long-lasting, safe and green.

5.     Using professional software to analyses leaf area, perimeter, length, width, aspect ratio and

      number of saw tooth. User can set parameters themselves for measurement, parameters such as

      length, angle, leaf stoma, irregular leaf, scab color gathering etc.

Technical Parameters:

Number of sensors

5136 Points



Maximum scanning speed

High distinguishability(color/black and white):8s/page、5s/page; Low distinguishability(color/black and white):3s/page、2s/page

Scanning width

About 220mm

Scanning Length

Low distinguishability:Maximum 134cm  

High distinguishability:66cm

File Format



Display scanning data

Power off

No operation in 3 minuties



Saving Mode

MicroSD/SDHC Card 4GB


4.2v 800mAh Chargeable lithium ion battery

Charging Time

About 3 hours


About 140 g(include battery)

Background Plate


Country of Origin: CHINA