QT-WII01 4 Choice Insect Olfactometer

Descriptions: 4 Choice Insect Olfactometer is an instrument applied in studying the behavior of insects with strong ability of activity. Insets communicate with the host plant via odor about the information of spawning, feeding and other activities, so odor is very important for insects. The insects’ olfactory behavior could reveal the chemical relationship between pest and host plant, and could also provide a new way to the prediction, monitoring and prevention of pests.

QT-WII01 4 Choice Insect Olfactometer

Principles: The air and mixed gas flow throw the four odor channels into the activity room, and the vacuum pump will extract the mixed air through a vent hole. When the experiment starts, insect will be placed in the center of the activity room, and the vacuum pump begins to work after closing the activity room. The air and mixed air will flow into the room under constant pressure, the tested insect will react differently to different odors, if the insect is sensitive to one odor, it will creep to the odor source.

Testing Process: Before testing, place tested insects with the same physiological indices in the center of the activity room, after opening the vacuum pump, the insect will meet the odor air, and creep according to the odor density, at this time, record the quantity of creeping insects.


Study on the relationships between insects and plant chemical substances.

Study on chemical ecology.

Study on insects’ behavior.

Monitoring insects’ behavior supported with camera system.


Flowmeter: 0.1-1L/min for adjusting the air flow speed.

Balance bottle: 100 ml, for containing the distilled water, and adjusting the air moisture.

Odor bottle: 100 ml,for containing the volatile oil and solvent.

Capturing bottle: 100 ml, buffer the air flow and capture the tested insects from the suction pipe.

Vacuum pump: extract the air from the top of the activity room, so there is a pressure difference, and form four odor areas in the room.

Activity room: four odor channels, through which the odor source flow into.

Iron stand: self-prepared.

Specifications: 4 pcs flowmeters, 4 pcs balance bottles, 4 pcs odor bottles, 4 pcs captured bottles, 1 vacuum pump, 1observation room, portable case (optional).

Origin: China