QT series solar panel bracket (adjustable angle)

Product description

The bracket is used to fix solar panel to an optimal angle for the absorption of solar energy.

QT series solar panel bracket (adjustable angle)


1.According to the latitude of location, users can change the angle of solar panel to get maximum solar energy output by adjusting the mounting bracket.

2.  Use high-quality carbon steel tube with high strength as the material of mounting bracket.

3.  The bracket with zinc coating treatment has stronger corrosion resistance, thus it can apply to different environments, such as city, field and islands.

4. Small in volume, lightweight and easy to install.


1.      Model:QT-SP40

2.      Come with 10W solar panel.

3.      Suitable for mounting rod with diameter less than 40 mm

4.      Space between bolt holes:320×150mm。

5.      Other solar panel brackets with different specification can be customized.

6.       Stainless steel solar panel bracket can be customized.

Origin: CHINA