QT-NC01 Rapid Pesticide Residue Detector

Product description: This detector is used to rapidly measure pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables.

QT-NC01 Rapid Pesticide Residue Detector


  • 8 channels for testing 8 samples at the same time
  • A built-in 16G SD memory card makes it possible to upload data to a computer
  • Reaction time and qualified standard can be preset. The detector can automatically determine qualified samples.
  • Testing data can be automatically saved and retrieved .
  • Built-in thermal printer can automatically print saved data.
  • The detector is equipped with USB interface and network interface. Testing operation can be controlled either by a computer or by the detector itself in the independent mode
  • The detector can be operated remotely for data upload and download via internet. With wireless data transmission function, a SIM card can help the detector realize real time data transmission without a computer and internet cable.
  • Software function: colored warning for unqualified samples. The software includes several functional modules, such as pesticide detection, data retrieval, basic data management, data report, chart report, etc., which realize data retrieval, editing, statistics, management, query, and printing.

Technical parameters:

The Number of Channels




Display Range of Inhibition Rate


Measurement Range of Inhibition Rate


Transmittance Accuracy

≤ ±1.5%

Transmittance Repeatability

≤ 0.5%

Optical Current Drift


Pesticide Detection Limit


Repeatability of Inhibition Rate


Detection Time Setting

0 ~ 9min



Vibration Resistance


Detector Kit (two aluminum alloy boxes with password)

  • Detector box: detector, electric balance, colorimetric plate, communication software, communication cable, pipette, power cord, etc.
  • Chemical box: conical flask, volumetric flask, funnel, graduated cylinder, reaction bottle, aluminum box, washing bottle, 1 set of chemicals, etc.