QT-DFA Portable plant stem strength tester

Product description:

This instrument is to measure plant stem strength against the wind. Users only need to push the instrument against the stem to get stem strength of the plant.

 QT-DFA Portable plant stem strength tester


1. This instrument has high measuring precision and high resolution. Two model - QT-DFA01 and QT-DFA02- are available for different plants;

2. Data can be shown on a big LCD with screen rotation function;

3. The instrument can be connected to computer for trial test, data downloading, printing and analysis. Several parameters such as input speed, area can be converted to displacement and pressure, respectively;

4. The instrument is equipped with various kinds of platens for convenient measurement;

5. It is easy to use, time saving, and of high precision;

6. The instrument can show remaining battery life and it can automatically power off when battery life is low.

Technical Parameters:

· Model: QT-DFA01                          QT-DFA02

· Maximum load: 50N                      500N

· Measuring units: Kgf/lb/N

· Precision: +/-0.2%F.S,+/-digit

· Display: 4-digits LCD display

· Measuring value: Peak and current value, peak value can be maintained

· Collecting rate: 1000 times/s

· D/A conversion: 16-bitΔΣtype

· Processor: 8-bit CPU

· Working temperature: -20℃ to 40℃

· Power supply: NI-MH battery or exterior AC linear power adapter or USB power supply

· Data output: USB

· Auto power shutdown: 10 minutes without operations

· Battery alarm: Battery icon will flicker when battery life is low.

Made in china